Oo’ Peppermint Ice Cream

To turn or not to turn?!?  Ice cream that is…

Well this recipe can be done either way, and is just as delicious no matter what route you take.

13912851_595098780693686_631337721101234500_nIt was insanely hot here in Maryland for the last part of July, but this is Maryland and you never know what Mother Nature will bring. I probably wouldn’t have cared a bit when the temperature hit 100, however I was lucky enough to pick that day to complete my big move! That week inspired me to create something extra cool and to replenish all those calories I burned off.

I found a simple recipe for no churn ice cream with 3 ingredients. Oh man 3 ingredients is just a little to easy for me, hehe. SO, I went to my trusty tea. I started with my Harlow Chai, then a few days later tried my Oo’ Peppermint. Both were amazing, however for this post I will focus on my Oo’ Peppermint.



1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1 1/4 cup whipping cream


6 tbsp. powdered sugar

1/3 cup sugar

3 tsp. Oo’ Peppermint

8 oz. water



Steep the whipping cream with 3 tsp. of Oo’ Peppermint overnight in the refrigerator.

After at least 12 hours of steeping, strain the whipping cream from the tea leaves. The Oo’ Peppermint leaves will then be steeped with 8 ounces of water, boiling. Allow to water and leaves to steep at least 5 minutes. Strain the leaves from the water and combine tea with 1/3 cup of sugar in a sauce pan. Place on the stove top and bring to a boil. Reduce to tea and sugar to simmer and allow to reduce in half, to 4 ounces. Allow mixture to cool while completing the next steps.

Whip steeped 1 and 1/4 cup of whipping cream until peaks form, and slowly add in 6 tbsp. powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla. I rarely ever measure my vanilla which is probably frowned upon! Fold in the can of sweetened condensed milk. Place back in fridge to cool for 30 minutes.

If you wish to not churn your ice cream you can complete the ice cream by putting the ice cream in the freezer to at least 6 hours. I placed half of my ice cream in a container and swirled in half of the sugar and tea mixture (a simple syrup in the end), then the other half of the ice cream and rest of the tea swirled in again. I love my glass Pyrex with plastic lids. They are perfect for ensuring no freezer burn.

Now if you wish to turn your ice cream IMG_7513I recommend at least 20 minutes of churning time. I have a slight lean towards my Kitchen Aid gadgets, however I have never used another mixer or ice cream machine so I can’t comment on any other ones to use. This particular ice cream mixer is an attachment for any Kitchen Aid mixer and just needs to sit in the freezer for at least 16 hours before using. Start the mixer up, and add your ice cream base, give it 20 minutes and you have an amazing airy ice cream ready to be frozen. Once churned complete the same process of layering your ice cream base and the tea mixture swirled in. Freeze for at least  hours.

This was so refreshing I couldn’t even believe it! The creamy vanilla base pairs amazingly well with the cool zing of the peppermint. If you wish to add a little more decadence try a few swirl of chocolate. It is glorious SO GO NOW AND MAKE YOUR OWN!








Say Aloha Tea

IMG_5886 (2)

Edit: name for the tea is Say Aloha

Tea purchase link : Say Aloha

Sometimes we just have those days where a creative block won’t go away. Well in my case it has been about a week. SOOOO…I need your help!

I started off making a strawberry daiquiri inspired tea and ended up with something a little different. That tends to happen in experimenting with blending ingredients to get that key flavor. Sometimes life doesn’t come out as you want it, but the end result is still good!

What do I need your help with you ask? I NEED A NAME FOR THIS BLEND.


Think you can come up with a name, well here are some facts about the tea:

  • Houjicha Green Tea base
  • Floral taste with fruity undertones
  • Ingredients include hibiscus flower, myrtle leaf, strawberry leaf, dried strawberries, dried pineapple, dried cinnamon apples, and dried plums.

Come up with a name that is perfect, and you will get the perfect reward. FREE TEA!

If I choose the name you suggest then you will get 1 oz. of any tea that I have available in my Etsy shop. Not everyone has the same tastes, so if green tea is not your cup of tea I want to make sure you get something appealing to you!

Ah so exciting! Who doesn’t like free tea, and who doesn’t like some contact with their customer base!


Side note: I took my mom some tea the other day, and stopped to get her a tea infuser for my loose leaf. Of course we both ended up with a new infuser by the time I left the store; Target, i.e. Heaven.

IMG_5884When starting out drinking loose leaf I was blessed with gifts from Teavana, which included the PerfecTea Maker. I have used the mesh balls, cute little infusers, a coffee press, and so on. The reason I liked the PerfecTea Maker, and honestly all of the Teavana infusers I have purchased is due to the fineness of the holes. The mesh balls and other infusers provider too large of an area for the tea to escape. The finer the infuser the better for blends that contain smaller particles. Find a infuser you like, because it does make a difference. This new infuser is pretty nifty, and fine (PUN intended). It hold 18 oz., and when done steeping you can pull the infuser up without opening the container. Tea geeking!

Apple Cider “TeaLatte”

A what now? An apple cider tea made into a latte of course!


I started with my Apple Cider Tea for the base of the latte. Steep 5 oz. of boiling water with 3-4 tsp. of the apple cider tea loose leaf blend. Yes, this is twice the amount I recommend for 8 oz. of tea but you want a very concentrated amount of tea for the flavor to stand out in the latte. Just smell the amazing scent of fall in this cup of tea!


While your tea is steeping feel free to start the next step. “Steam” some milk, or your choice of creamy goodness. It can be regular milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, or even half and half. It is your tea so as I recommend with everything, make it how YOU want it! Now I said “steam” because I don’t have a handy dandy steamer contraption, but one day I will! If you are like me then just go for a simple method of grabbing a mason jar.



I love these jars because they do all your measuring as well, no need to dirty more than necessary. Poor in about 50 ml, just under 2 oz. of milk, or your different choice.

Close the jar, tightly, and shake, shake, shake! I mean it, shake it ’til you make it.

Your milk will foam, and should double in size. I would give it 30-60 seconds. It may vary depending on the type of milk you choose. Once doubled in size from original 50 ml, slowly warm the milk up in the microwave. I warmed mine for 25 seconds, and then another 10 seconds to get my perfect temperature.


Now the easy part! Just pour your steeped and strained tea into a mug, top with the milk and foam. I topped mine with a little dash of cinnamon sugar. I think it makes it so pretty while giving it an added punch of flavor. NOW ENJOY!





3-4 tsp. Apple Cider Tea

5 oz. water, boiling

50 ml. milk, almost 2 oz.

cinnamon sugar to top the latte


Steep Apple Cider Tea in boiling water for 5 minutes. Steam and warm milk. Pour milk over strained tea, and top with cinnamon and sugar. ENJOY LIFE!