Oo’ Peppermint Patty TeaLatte


Another crazy simple but delicious drink recipe. Fall is just around the corner and this is the perfect way to prepare!


8 ounces of steeped Oo’ Peppermint

2 ounces of steamed milk

a drizzle of chocolate


First steep the Oo’ Peppermint blend, either with the recommended 1 1/2 teaspoons or with double that amount to really let the peppermint pop.

I have upgraded my frothing methods and love my simple, handy dandy frother!!!  So worth $6! I warmed my milk, then frothed until it doubled to 4 ounces. Drizzle your cup with chocolate, add tea, and top with milk. I love using a clear mug because this is just too pretty not to show off!

So easy but also very impressive. Have your friends over and top this bad boy with some chocolate shaving, they will think they have just walked into an amazing cafe!



Use code LABORDAY for 10% off any order, only good 9/5/2016


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