Tea Root Beer Float

Why so serious? That is a question I have all of the time. I love tea, a good quality, no artificial ingredient blend. However, I do not think it always has to be taken to the extremes of sophistication. I love a good tea party, or even just some hot tea with the hubby or by myself! A tea party aside, my favorite part of tea is the versatility it offers.

Caffeine, caffeine free, fruity, floral, earthy, sweet, have it your way! Over the last year I have found some amazing combinations besides just tea, honey, sugar and milk.

Soda is not something I drink every day, or even every week, or probably even once a month. When I do indulge it is normally a root beer or cream soda, but I forget how sweet soda is. That led me to think of my Sassy Cherry blend. Sarsaparilla, the vine of a “root beer” tree, is the main ingredient in this blend to ensure the full robust flavor of root beer.

SO why not create an actual root beer float. Calories be damned for this recipe, but you will find less in a tea root beer float as the tea is calorie free vs. soda being not so much!


3 tsp. of Sassy Cherry blend

6 ounces of boiling water

2 ounces club soda

Your choice of vanilla ice cream


Steep your tea and let cool a bit. I put mine in the fridge to cool down. I choose to use a gelato for this, as it was on sale and sales are for me! I try to not buy a large thing of ice cream anyway because lets be honest, I will eat it all. I used Tahitian Vanilla Bean by Talenti, and it is simply divine. It also goes with my goal of not adding anything artificial to this drink. Simple and quality ingredients.

I used my smaller scooper to add a few dollops of the gelato to the bottom of my mason jar. Top your ice cream with the steeped tea, and top with the club soda. It is so refreshing, and not unbearably sweet by any means. Creamy and delish!




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