Oh my, What a Year!



My oh my, where does time fly?

It surely has been a crazy, and fast year but well worth everything so far. We are officially moved into our new home, and hoping not to move for AT LEAST 10 years to come. I hate moving, how about you?!?

My husband just happened to be working in South Carolina for the past month, so I was lucky enough to move on my own (with family and friends of course). The good thing about moving on your own…losing 6 lbs! I don’t see that staying off, but hey life happens and I love my food hehe.

I finally took the step of getting my logo, YAAAYYYY! I love it so much. I of course went right to Etsy to find the perfect shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreshLavenderDesigns

What do you think of my new logo?!? harlowfinal copyI played with my labels a bit after my logo was complete and love my labels more now than ever. My goal in the next few months is to ensure I work on my blog, and not only keep up my ideas on Instagram and Facebook. I have not completely left all of you so find my social media to see more of my ideas from the past few months.



I have also been lucky enough to have amazing reviews on a few other awesome blogs! Find my reviews at:

SororiTea Sisters


Below are some of my concoctions and goodies that you may have missed out on:



I have been having so much fun with tea this year, and I wish for everyone to join in on the fun!




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