New Projects 

Well it has been awhile!

So many ideas going around in my head and so little time⏱

My Etsy shop has seen some amazing customers over the past 2 months and I couldn’t be happier with my steady growth as a small business.

What’s new you ask?!? Oh so much. I have had many ideas for new uses for my tea but I have been working on my products themselves over the past 2 months.

Three new teas! Soon to be four 😍🍵😍

Welcome Oo’ Peppermint, The Cleanse and Black Licorice Chia to the Harlow family.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpgOo’ Peppermint contains oolong tea, my first use of the amazing tea leaves!

The Cleanse is an amazing day time tea to help clean out your system, especially when combined with Night Time Tea. The perfect combination for a full detox with the help of tea.

Black Licorice Chia is my first attempt at a chia tea blend, and has so many spicey notes with anise seed being picked up the most, giving it the reference for its name.

Another new addition, which I am sending out the first order today, is the 12 pack sampler. It contains all of my current tea blends, minus The Cleanse and Night Time Tea.


Each of the packs in the sampler gives the perfect amount of tea for an 8 oz. glass of tea. I believe it is the best way to ensure you get the perfect tea for your taste.

Not everyone has the same tastes so even my recommendations or going off of reviews may not get the perfect cup of tea for YOU!

Speaking of reviews I can say I have had some amazing feedback from my customer base. From close friends, family, fellow Etsy sellers, and just good ole’ Etsy shoppers I truly appreciate all of my customers beyond belief. They are how a business grows and changes for the better.

Some of my amazing reviews, and you can see more on my Etsy site.

13001221_548137098723188_5193345616124040760_nI can’t say it enough, I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS. So to make my products even better I have also added waterproof labels to my items, excluding the sampler pack because those don’t sit out or last long. The waterproof labels are so much brighter and allow for the products to sit on the counter without the labels running.

13087340_10154970176179657_8259398874172625411_nThey are so pretty with the waterproof labels!!! See the map in the background?!?

I have decided to make it fun to track my orders by state. It gives me a bright and cheery way to track my success and see where all of my goodies have gone through the country. I was able to color in Kentucky for this order as well!


A few orders for a small company mean so much so please check out my Etsy shop and feel free to make any suggestions to help my company grow!