Say Aloha Tea

IMG_5886 (2)

Edit: name for the tea is Say Aloha

Tea purchase link : Say Aloha

Sometimes we just have those days where a creative block won’t go away. Well in my case it has been about a week. SOOOO…I need your help!

I started off making a strawberry daiquiri inspired tea and ended up with something a little different. That tends to happen in experimenting with blending ingredients to get that key flavor. Sometimes life doesn’t come out as you want it, but the end result is still good!

What do I need your help with you ask? I NEED A NAME FOR THIS BLEND.


Think you can come up with a name, well here are some facts about the tea:

  • Houjicha Green Tea base
  • Floral taste with fruity undertones
  • Ingredients include hibiscus flower, myrtle leaf, strawberry leaf, dried strawberries, dried pineapple, dried cinnamon apples, and dried plums.

Come up with a name that is perfect, and you will get the perfect reward. FREE TEA!

If I choose the name you suggest then you will get 1 oz. of any tea that I have available in my Etsy shop. Not everyone has the same tastes, so if green tea is not your cup of tea I want to make sure you get something appealing to you!

Ah so exciting! Who doesn’t like free tea, and who doesn’t like some contact with their customer base!


Side note: I took my mom some tea the other day, and stopped to get her a tea infuser for my loose leaf. Of course we both ended up with a new infuser by the time I left the store; Target, i.e. Heaven.

IMG_5884When starting out drinking loose leaf I was blessed with gifts from Teavana, which included the PerfecTea Maker. I have used the mesh balls, cute little infusers, a coffee press, and so on. The reason I liked the PerfecTea Maker, and honestly all of the Teavana infusers I have purchased is due to the fineness of the holes. The mesh balls and other infusers provider too large of an area for the tea to escape. The finer the infuser the better for blends that contain smaller particles. Find a infuser you like, because it does make a difference. This new infuser is pretty nifty, and fine (PUN intended). It hold 18 oz., and when done steeping you can pull the infuser up without opening the container. Tea geeking!


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