Night Time Tea

Feeling a little under the weather, well as of this moment I certainly am! So I sat on my couch not wanting to move, unless NyQuill or a heating pad was within reaching distance. They were not so close, ugh!

Since I had to get up anyway tea was the better option, and bed! My “night time” tea was my go to.

Why this tea? Well we all know those 28 day “teatox” program, and this in many ways is the night time version. Why drink a “teatox” tea when you aren’t feeling so great? This tea is designed to help your body recover, and recharge due to the ingredients in the blend.

night time tea.jpg

Night Time Tea ingredients:

Red rooibos tea, anise seed, peppermint leaf, orange peel, suma root, lemongrass, and hawthorn berries.


Suma root has been used to centuries by many cultures as a herbal medication. Suma root is thought to improve the immune system with its vitamin content and geranium which it contains. Suma root has been used to help any ailments, including diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.

Peppermint leaf, while delicious, is also known to help the human body. It has been used to fight the common cold, sinus infections (HELLO CURRENT MOOD), nausea, IBS, cramps, and can even repel those pesky mosquitos.

Anise seeds are used to help throat soreness, as well as most importantly in the detox process, improve digestion. Some people are adverse to this flavor but it is not to strong when mixed with so many other ingredients.

Orange peel is a great agent for flavor and benefits. Citrus fruits have always been known to aid in digestion, weight loss, and congestion. Orange peel is no exception to these benefits.

Now lemongrass! I know that many of us don’t use lemongrass in our everyday culinary ventures, however, if you can include it in some form you are better off in many ways. Lemongrass is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Lemongrass has many of the same benefits found in the other ingredients such as aiding digestion, helps with colds, and is even known to be a natural diuretic.


So why drink “night time” tea, THAT IS WHY!

Hoping to feel a little better in the a.m., but for now I believe bed time is in order!








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