Oh HEY. It’s time for tea!


It is always time for tea!

Tea is for everyone, every time, and every place. No discrimination! Don’t like caffeine, well you can still drink many different forms of tea.

I have always been a fan of tea, but over the years that love has grown immensely. While planning my wedding, we got married in September 2015, I decided to do multiple favors. I am one of those people who love everything, and I know that not everyone enjoys the same things in life. One of my 3 favors were tea bags. That did not mean buying the tea bags! That meant making them, because to me the crafting was the best part of planning a wedding.

To give you an idea of my desire for different options, I had 2 different table clothes, 2 different center pieces, and all the favor cards had different quotes on them! Why be the same, right?

Tab and Justin get Married-0045.jpg

Photo Credit: www.photographybytracie.com

I loved thinking of tea combinations, and doing the research so much that it has now evolved to my creation of an Etsy shop!

A blog was almost the same train of thought as starting my shop. I want to educate and interact with my customers as much as possible, therefore I will be focusing on posts about different teas benefits, and show different ways you may have never thought to make or use tea.

I am so excited to start this journey, and please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions!


My Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HarlowTeaCo


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